Monday, August 18, 2008

As we all grow older the truth will be understood that we never turn out the way we thought we would.

Argh. I am sooooo behind. I'm writing this to you from my glorious desk during my lunch break, for those of you wondering, and I'm getting Melba toast on my Keyboard, because I'm poor and all I can afford to eat is Melba Toast and apples because of my new found addiction to Vitamin Water. Actually, screw that. Melba Toast, Apples, and rice is all I eat anyways. No wonder I'm getting so fat.
Anyways, Pictures from Montreal will all be up soon (I've got some up, as you can see below). I've got the pictures up from Jessi's party (About friggin time), and I'm working on some other randoms which will be up soon. I promise. Including my proof for Mo that I actually own as many pairs of shoes as I say I do, which really isn't that many, but whatever. I love shoes, I bought like, three or four pairs in Montreal. And I'm planning on investing in another pair soon.
Thats enough about my shoes though. Music time!

Ten Songs that got me through the screaming kid in front of me on the plane home from Montreal:
10. Fool- Marie Digby
9. One Week of Danger- The Virgins
8. No Wow- The Kills
7. The Prayer- Bloc Party
6. Open Register- Idiot Pilot
5. Destroy Everything You Touch- Ladytron
4. Y-Control- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. Miss Teen Wordpower- The New Pornographers
2. Float On- Modest Mouse
1. The Con- Tegan and Sara

Also, I'll be posting my Montreal Diary, which has gone the ways of my other travel dairies. Pretty much I wrote it for the first three days and then said Fuckit. Mostly because my internet was being a douche, pardon my french. Although if I was speaking French I'm pretty sure I just said that my internet was being soap or shampoo.
On the subject of French, I was totally stoked that most people in Quebec speak English, or at least try. I was kind of bummed though that I didn't get to say (And only because I pre-scripted it), "Je Comprend, mais je parles pas. Es-que tu parles ou comprend anglais?" Which, translated means "I understand you, but I don't speak French. Do you speak or understand English?", unless the laughter that they would emit after I said that which roughly translates to "You have hideous verb congrugation."
Oh yeah, I just tried to spell Congrugation. Thats worth like, eighteen points on the SATs I bet.
So, all in all, what I have learned about myself during my time in Quebec:
1. I can understand and read French, but I can't speak or write it. I also can't write in English half the time.
Thats really all.
Well, no it isn't, but that'll all come with my Travel Diary, and my book, when it gets published...In December. Well, Hopefully in December. I guess if I don't keep putting it off and losing bits of it it will come in December.

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